David G Mohler, MD, Inc
Specialists in Orthopedic Surgical Oncology

When it comes to healthcare, doctors can be the toughest patients to please. That’s why I found this statement from a recent patient of mine so meaningful:

“I am a 47 year-old physician recently diagnosed with an unusual tumor called a liposarcoma of my right thigh. The information relating to my diagnosis has been tremendously complex. Despite my background in medicine, it has been extremely difficult for me to make well-informed decisions about the optimal management of my condition.

For me, Dr. David Mohler played an invaluable role. I have seen and spoken with numerous specialists at major cancer centers across the country and Dr. Mohler stands out for his thoroughness, and the amount of time and energy he devoted to my care. I saw Dr. Mohler soon after my diagnosis. He was able to help me understand the key decisions that I needed to make, and provided me with the crucial data needed to make informed decisions about my treatment.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Mohler for his concern, expertise and the invaluable assistance he provided me. He helped me understand the problems associated with this tumor and guided me through the complexity of medical decisions associated with its successful treatment.”

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